Saturday, January 10, 2009

Screencast Java - Screencast-o-matic

Before that finish first week of the New Year........I want to share a post very interesting about the Screencast-o-matic Tool, which is a free online tool realized on JAVA that lets create recordings of your desktop with audio and later to export them to QuickTime format. Try it…is very simple, good luck.

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given said...

May I suggest an easier and faster screencasting tool ?
ScreenToaster -

ScreenToaster is a web-based screen recorder designed to capture your screen activity, upload the video in seconds on, making it ready to embed in your website.
It works in all browsers, doesn't require any download and It's totally free.

Among the new features, you may find:
- Live audio capture
- Embed webcam in screen capture
- Subtitles
- Accelerated or slow-motion playback / Pauses
- Direct upload to Google Video and Youtube
- Download your screencast in .avi and .swf
- Public / Private / Password protected videos
- Spread on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, Digg or simply send it by mail
- Record from external VNC servers
- Personalized RSS feeds
- Branded profiles

What bloggers say about ScreenToaster:

Lifehacker, Kevin Purdy | Jan. 16, 2009
"Similar in many ways to Screencast-O-Matic, but I find ScreenToaster's videos to be smoother, and the presentation a lot nicer."
Master New Media, Robin Good | Jan. 14, 2009
"And again, more than anything else ScreenToaster is by far the simplest and most immediate screncasting tool to use out there. If you want to know what I think, here it is: ScreenToaster is going to toast them all. Seriously."
Mashable, Jennifer Van Grove | Jan. 14, 2009
"We think ScreenToaster is an excellent solution that brings advanced screencasting options to all levels of computer users. [...] It's a safe option to recommend to clients, friends, and family members."
Digital Inspiration, Amit Agarwal | Jan. 13, 2009
"ScreenToaster Does a YouTube for Screen Videos."
ReadWriteWeb, Frédéric Lardinois | Jan. 13, 2009
"ScreenToaster is definitely a contender for being one of the best and easiest to use tools available."
Go2Web20, Orli Yakuel | Jan. 13, 2009
"So right now, ScreenToaster is the best choice that you'll find, and the results are very good. Seriously, I couldn't find any reason not to use it. Overall, you'll save yourself time & money."
TechCrunch, Ouriel Ouharion | Nov. 11, 2008
"The blogosphere quickly showed interest for ScreenToaster, a new simple solution that creates screencasts from your browser."